1-to-1 Private Meetings

You will be required to pre-schedule at least five 20-minute appointments per day with a choice of 250+ top industry professionals. The 1-to-1 meetings are pre-scheduled in advance to allow you to meet anyone you want, in a pre-arranged and confidential manner by our Scheduling Team.

How  1-to-1 Private Meetings are Managed

Pre-Arranged in Advance

The 1-to-1 meetings are pre-arranged in advance in the hours outside of the Summit Hall Programe. If there is a clash (due to availability) with your meetings, we will inform you in advance to make your choice. Each registered delegate can send a meeting request to anyone they want to meet. 

Private & Confidential

Two weeks before the event the delegate receives their diary and can also login into their private portal and request more meetings.The Scheduling system is stored on the secured sever to ensure compliance with data protection. All Diaries are treated with strict confidentiality.


Our Scheduling Team will ensure the meeting is approved by the requested company. Where this is not possible, or in case of cancellations or no shows, delegates can also request meetings on sight via our experienced and confidential Meeting Advice Desk.

Meeting request system is open week of 15th August

We are delighted to be launching the Meeting Request System for AIRTAXI World Congress 2022. Please expect to receive an email from us in the next few days to start planning your meetings. Our scheduling team will be there to assist with all your requests. 

For any questions, please email Charlotte at charlotte@airtaxiworldcongress.com

STEP 1: Request access to the system

Our scheduling team will send you all details to get you started with meeting requests.

STEP 2: Await to receive login details

Once you requested access, will be send you your logins. It will only be available to you.

Step 3: Start requesting meetings

Enjoy our user friendly IT platform to submit your meeting preferences.


Once we received your requests, we will start scheduling and planning your diaries. Our team will stay in constant touch with you with latest updates on new registrations and diary news.