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Join the leading experts shaping the future of urban air mobility to get the first hand updates on the ground breaking developments at the AIRTAXI World Congress!

When not in meetings, delegates can join in cutting-edge discussionss at the Summit Hall as well as more deep-dive sessions at the Briefings, Pitches & Announcements Hall.  

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Adam Goldstein
Co-founder & CEO

Adam Goldstein is Archer’s Co-Founder and has served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Archer and a member of the Archer board of directors since October 2018. Prior to co-founding Archer, Mr. Goldstein also co-founded and led software company Vettery before it was acquired by The Adecco Group. Prior to Vettery, Adam spent 10 years in various leadership positions across several investment firms. Mr. Goldstein serves as a member of the board of directors of the Museum of American Finance. Mr. Goldstein holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Florida and an M.B.A. from NYU Stern School of Business. Archer is an aerospace company building an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft focused on improving mobility in cities.

Edward Espiritu
United Airlines
Senior Manager

Edward currently leads the aerospace and aircraft technology vertical for United Airlines Ventures (UAV), having led the group’s transactions in Archer Aviation and Heart Aerospace. The company officially launched UAV in June 2021 as a corporate venture capital fund focusing on opportunities among three main pillars of sustainability, aerospace and technology. In addition to UAV, Edward also is part of the company’s Corporate Development team, where he led the company’s acquisition of its wholly owned flight training school and also worked on the company’s minority investment in Clear Secure, Inc. He has been with United since 2014, starting his career with the airline in Finance and has supported numerous operational groups and enterprise wide initiatives before moving into Corporate Development and ultimately UAV.

Duncan Walker

Duncan is co-founder and CEO of Skyports, that designs, builds and operates take-off and landing infrastructure for electric air taxis, as well as providing drone delivery within the medical, e-commerce and logistics sectors. Duncan has 20 years of commercial real estate experience. He was a Main Board Director at Helical plc, a FTSE listed investment and development company. 

Michael Spellacy
Atlas Crest 

Recognised as a Global 100 Irish Business Leaders, Michael is the CEO of Atlas Crest Investment, leading over 1,500+ Accenture consultants worldwide as they help drive transformational growth and technology led innovation for investment banks, asset and wealth managers, and exchanges. With over 23 years’ experience as a leader, investor and advisor, he is recognised for a global perspective of the capital markets sector, keen insight into the evolution of market segments, and the ability to envision, map and activate technology-led transformation, business growth and innovation.  

Andreas Perotti
Chief Marketing Officer

Andreas has over a decade of extensive international marketing and communications experience with senior marketing roles in the aerospace industry, government and telecom sectors, including the European Parliament, Telekom Austria Group or FACC.

Eray Altunbozar

Founded in 2017 by Eray Altunbozar, AirCar is an urban air mobility company developing and manufacturing an all-electric, autonomous, vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and 200kg payload carrying cargo drone. Company founded in 2017, and conducting test flights with full-size technology demonstrator since 2021. Company will showcase its new prototype. AirCar is an eVTOL aircraft for two passengers tested with sub-scale prototypes over 1000+ flights. 

Avolon Aerospace Leasing

Avolon leases aircraft and provides lease management services to airlines and aircraft investors worldwide.

Andrew Sage
Director Safety Transformation

Andrew is Director of Safety Transformation at NATS and is leading the safe integration of drones into UK airspace. As well as integrating UTM capability into today's operation, NATS is working closely with drone operators to develop sustainable safety cases for operations alongside manned aviation.

Munish Khurana  Eurocontrol
Senior Manager

Munish currently works at EUROCONTROL as a Senior Business Development Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation Co-operation and Strategies at Eurocontrol, responsible for developing ATM/Unmanned Traffic Management business with international stakeholders.


Rolls-Royce is part of the race to develop air transport that could cruise across the city skies. Rolls-Royce electrical power system will be integrated into the piloted all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

Bilisim Vadisi (Mobility Center of Turkey)

Bilisim Vadisi (Mobility Center of Turkey) are building "Turkey's Innovation and Technology based New Growth Center" with all productive and creative people who will form the soul of the IT Valley. IT Valley leads technology based progress in area of informatic and communication technology global and local innovation and technology transfer centers, universities, research institutes, internationals and nationals investors and funds, all civil society organization which are interlocutor of this subject, cooperate with the private sector and entire public sphere of the state and develop joint projects.

Darrell Swanson
Strategic Adviser

Darrell is an advisor to NASA’s Transformative Vertical Flight programme, the Advance Air Mobility panel at ADS Group, the Community Air Mobility Initiative and is a board member of the British Aviation Group. Darrell has over 20 years’ experience as an aviation consultant on airport masterplanning projects thru to airport acquisition advisory services.

Antonio Gonzalez Gomez

Antnio is working currently in the exciting world of Safety Promotion within the safety Intelligence department of EASA. Involved in various roles and projects (i.e. cabin safety, general aviation, safety management systems, helicopters safe operations, drones, well being at work, EASA safety risk management process). Additionally, Antonio managea procurement and financial aspects for the Safety Promotion section at EASA. Also coordinate the Comercial Aeroplanes Strategy group (CAS.COM), made of a cross section of top industry representatives advising EASA at an Strategic level

Clem Newton-Brown

Clem Newton-Brown is CEO and founder of Skyportz, the only Australian business developing a network of landing sites for a future air taxi network. Clem’s background as a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Member of Victorian Parliament and barrister specialising in planning and property development has put him at the forefront of this emerging industry.
Clem serves on several Federal, State, industry and international committees advancing the development of the rules and regulations around establishing a whole new era in clean, green electric aviation. The success of the industry depends on these changes along with a network of Skyportz sites from which air taxis will operate. Skyportz already has over 400 property partner sites in Australia and New Zealand which are ready to activate when regulations permit.

Phoebe Parry-Crooke
Partnerships Manager

Phoebe Parry-Crooke is a Partnerships Manager at what3words; helping businesses and organisations make use of their technology. Her main focus is around supporting infrastructure and UAV companies to integrate the technology and get their consumers using it. what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. The location technology company is enabling people around the world to identify and share any precise location using just three words. what3words has taken the globe, and divided it into a grid of 3m squares, giving each one a unique 3 word address, made of three words from the dictionary.

Phil Binks
Altitude Angel
Head of ATM

Philip, the Head of ATM at Altitude Angel is focusing on creating global-scale solutions that enable the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into airspace worldwide. Supporting both U-Space and UTM, its purpose-built cloud platform delivers class-leading services to drone operators, manufacturers and software developers by enabling them to access a rich source of real-time aeronautical, environmental and regulatory data all tailored to the individual operation dynamically.

Lizann Tjon
City of Amsterdam
Smart Mobility Program Manager

Lizann Tjon is the program manager smart mobility of the City of Amsterdam. Her professional career started at 2010 the City of Amsterdam, where she worked as strategic policy advisor for in the social department. In 2012, she switched to the Economic Department in the role of project manager, specifically to stimulate knowledge and innovation and enhance the role of the creative industries cluster and initiated several projects in public-private partnership. Currently she is responsible for innovation via the smart mobility program at the Chief Technology Office of Amsterdam.

Jen Beran
Principal Scientist, UAM Architect

Experienced Technical Manager with a 5 year history of managing technology portfolio in avionics platforms in Honeywell ranging from high-performance computing platforms, cyber-physical systems architecture, displays & graphics, and electric power systems, In his role, Jan expanded the team up to 14 researchers, developed business proposals, interfaced with customers and enjoyed lead technical roles. He is a co-author of 1 published patent and several patent applications.

Jack Withinshaw Airspeeder

Jack is Chief Commerical Officer at Airpeeder, which is is the world's first electric flying car race series. Found at the confluence of frontier technology and new world entertainment, the Airspeeder race series is traditional Motorsport evolved. The sky is now our playground! The greatest champions, in the fastest eVTOL vehicles, racing head-to-head in three dimensions will drive innovation and adoption of the nascent Electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing Industry through sustained competition at the highest level.

Gökhan Celik

Gökhan is the founder and CEO of A-techSYN. A-techSYN develops and manufactures proprietary Unmanned Aviation System (UAS) solutions including field proven LALE Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) fixed wing UAVs and mid to high speed Target Drones. A-techSYN is vertically integrated and does not only develop and manufacture UAS,Autopilot and key electronic components, but also trains operators and mechanics,
provides MRO and even flight services to customers.
Gokhan is founder and CEO of A-techSYN, which is a significant actor in the VTOL UAV
market and has designed and developed over 6 new UAV platforms, 2 Autopilots and
GCS Software besides 14 UAV Sub Systems since 2013.

Phil Mountain
Birdstrike Management UK

Phil is the Director of Birdstrike Management UK, servicing the aviation bird and wildlife management sector. Prior to starting Birdstrike Management, Phil worked at the UK Government’s Fera/AHVLA wildlife management team and was responsible for delivering wildlife control and advice to the aviation industry. Phil is a highly motivated professional responsible for the delivery of birdstrike standards check projects for international airports and airlines. He has specialist skills and expertise in the mitigation of aviation birdstrike risk at airports, ornithological field survey and wildlife control. He has presented at IBSC, Eurocontrol and EASA on European Birdstrike Reduction programmes and has unrivalled experience in assessing bird hazard management programmes within Europe; Phil has also gained a great deal of experience in the Middle East and Africa. Specialities: Training, Safeguarding, Identification, Inspection and Risk Assessment of Aviation Wildlife Management. Field monitoring and control of risk from off-airfield bird and wildlife strike hazards.

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